Tawzalt’s puppies have been placed.

It’s been a big week for the little ones. They had a visit to the vet — as they say in Zimbabwe — to have their “jabs”. Azelouan and Tawzalt also made the visit to the doc. The buzz at the office was how amazing it is that Tawzalt has recovered her figure after only 11 weeks. She’s like those supermodels who have children and are modeling again in 3 months.

The puppies had a second excursion to the school to be handled by a mob of children in two classrooms. Frankly, they handled that better than I did. I wasn’t sure I would make it out alive. “Puppies!”

Tawzalt and Azelouan are busy teaching the puppies about appropriate behavior and their place in the pack. Azelouan is the disciplinarian, teaching manners. Tawzalt is interested in teaching hunting and digging techniques.


Stolen Bone

Lessons from Dad

Mommy Bone

Flying Afouda

Tazoudi Seated Profile

Afouda Louging in Grass

Azawakh Family

February 5, 2013

It is (somewhat) cold and cloudy today. It feels like rain. The puppies are now 8 weeks old. They can manage to scrabble up onto the couch and are very proud of themselves. All four of them are lying together in a pile.

This sort of snuggling behavior is common for Azawakh when the temperature dips a bit. It is quite endearing.

Their bodies are adapted to tolerate the extreme heat of the Sahel and souther Sahara.  Their behavior is adapted to tolerate the cold nights in the desert when the temperatures plunge.

(The couch color was not my choice. It is government issue, I’m afraid.)

Azawakh Family

Dusky Blurs

October 2, 2011

Evening wrasslin'

At twilight, playful wresting often preceeds warp speet chase gams.


Tawzalt capers through the bamboo thicket at dusk.

Two Speeds

August 7, 2011


Too many mammals in my bed

I awakened with too many mammals in our bed. Cassandra was curled up with Azelouan and Tawzalt was apparently displaced so that she decided to flop down on my face which was a minor obstacle in the way of the pillow.


Tawzalt goes zoom

Tawzalt is having a game of chase with Zel in our garden in Ghana. She is careening around a stand of bamboo. Zel is faster than Tawzalt on a straightaway but when she is in the mood to run she is very fast and can turn in any direction in one stride. She can also keep going and going and going—I think because she is so light.


January 6, 2010

Tawzalt just walked casually into my office, stretched and curled up on top of Azelouan.


Backyard Shenanigans

April 19, 2009

Azelouan’s new game is jumping the pile of wood that I have left over after building a new fence. The wood pile is over 8 feet long and 2 feet high. He easily clears it every time.

On the way out.

The return journey.

It’s nap time

March 8, 2009

Theodora and Tawzalt

Cassandra and Tawzalt

Unfortunately, this lasted about 10 minutes. I should never have let the girls eat chocolate cake at the coffee shop.