January 6, 2010

Tawzalt just walked casually into my office, stretched and curled up on top of Azelouan.


The Onion Mocks PeTA

September 5, 2009

This is not a new video. I’m late to the party but it was so damn funny that I actually laughed out loud.

There’s nothing like a good Venn diagram to brighten up the day.



This comment on The Old New Thing really cracked me up. I love it. My phrase of the day is now “stupid-seeking missiles”.

9 out of 10 “viruses” todays arent [sic] computer viruses in the classical sense. They are what I call “stupid seeking missiles,” which can only hit stupid people…

These Stupid Seeking Missiles scream “Click-on-me!!”, “Run me or else!!”, and other such stuff. Essentialy [sic], they spread precisely because somebody trusted it when they shouldn’t have.

Sometimes the great Google overmind does the cutest things. See here where it gathered together stories about mental patients being released early and put a nice photo of President George W. Bush right next to them as an illustration.


Via the Daily WTF.

We are a long way away from the Star Trek ideal of programming a computer via speech recognition. This is a hilarious video of some guys using Windows Vista software recognition to write  a Perl script.

Perl is a programming language which loosely derives syntax from C. It is case sensitive and has special meanings for lots of symbols like these: `'{}.,;:”()<>!?*&+-|^@/\~_#%=

Hilarity ensues.

On the other hand, maybe the great Trek future is not so far away.