Birth Announcement

June 8, 2016

Afouda wan n’Eezel has had a litter of four healthy puppies by Ettebel Azelouan. Two are male and two are female.

  • #1 (male) Tahount wan n’Eezel
  • #2 (female) Aveeleela wan n’Eezel
  • #3 (male) Amati wan n’Eezel
  • #4 (female) Imelaoulaou wan n’Eezel

They were born late in the night on Monday, June 6 and early Tuesday June 7 at the start of Ramadan in Harare, Zimbabwe. See the Azawakh Database for the full pedigree. This breeding is balanced between about 50% new African foundation stock and 25% each of the older imports that formed the Yugoslav and French lines.

My thanks to those who stewarded the breed before me. In particular, Daoud Abdullah Abduallah (David Moore), Dr. Gabi Meissen, Dr. Werner Roeder and all of ABIS for their hard work raising these dogs so that we can enjoy them as healthy, loyal companions. My thanks also to Damon and Malise Stockil for building Afouda a brilliant whelping box.

Please contact me at to inquire about placement of a puppy.

IMG 2248

IMG 2251

IMG 2252

IMG 2253

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