All of Afouda’s puppies are robust and healthy.

Tahount (#1 male)

BAR 3922

Aveeleela (#2 female)

BAR 3928

Amati (#3 male)

BAR 3925

Imelaoulaou (#4 female)

BAR 3929

Bonus photo

From day 3 in the nursery: Aveeleela has climbed on top mommy for a snooze and Amati has fallen asleep while attempting to make a getaway.
IMG 2259

Birth Announcement

June 8, 2016

Afouda wan n’Eezel has had a litter of four healthy puppies by Ettebel Azelouan. Two are male and two are female.

  • #1 (male) Tahount wan n’Eezel
  • #2 (female) Aveeleela wan n’Eezel
  • #3 (male) Amati wan n’Eezel
  • #4 (female) Imelaoulaou wan n’Eezel

They were born late in the night on Monday, June 6 and early Tuesday June 7 at the start of Ramadan in Harare, Zimbabwe. See the Azawakh Database for the full pedigree. This breeding is balanced between about 50% new African foundation stock and 25% each of the older imports that formed the Yugoslav and French lines.

My thanks to those who stewarded the breed before me. In particular, Daoud Abdullah Abduallah (David Moore), Dr. Gabi Meissen, Dr. Werner Roeder and all of ABIS for their hard work raising these dogs so that we can enjoy them as healthy, loyal companions. My thanks also to Damon and Malise Stockil for building Afouda a brilliant whelping box.

Please contact me at to inquire about placement of a puppy.

IMG 2248

IMG 2251

IMG 2252

IMG 2253

Tawzalt’s puppies have been placed.

It’s been a big week for the little ones. They had a visit to the vet — as they say in Zimbabwe — to have their “jabs”. Azelouan and Tawzalt also made the visit to the doc. The buzz at the office was how amazing it is that Tawzalt has recovered her figure after only 11 weeks. She’s like those supermodels who have children and are modeling again in 3 months.

The puppies had a second excursion to the school to be handled by a mob of children in two classrooms. Frankly, they handled that better than I did. I wasn’t sure I would make it out alive. “Puppies!”

Tawzalt and Azelouan are busy teaching the puppies about appropriate behavior and their place in the pack. Azelouan is the disciplinarian, teaching manners. Tawzalt is interested in teaching hunting and digging techniques.


Stolen Bone

Lessons from Dad

Mommy Bone

Flying Afouda

Tazoudi Seated Profile

Afouda Louging in Grass

It is pouring down rain this afternoon. They are big enough to really want to explore and find the house a confining place to spend a whole afternoon without exploring. They are having to amuse themselves with inside pursuits. That means playing with approved toys. It also means hauling down couch cushions which are certainly not approved for puppies to make into a bed.

Squeak, Squeak

Afouda's Illicit Bed @ 9 weeks

Tazoudi with Tennis Ball @ 9 weeks

Azawakh Family

February 5, 2013

It is (somewhat) cold and cloudy today. It feels like rain. The puppies are now 8 weeks old. They can manage to scrabble up onto the couch and are very proud of themselves. All four of them are lying together in a pile.

This sort of snuggling behavior is common for Azawakh when the temperature dips a bit. It is quite endearing.

Their bodies are adapted to tolerate the extreme heat of the Sahel and souther Sahara.  Their behavior is adapted to tolerate the cold nights in the desert when the temperatures plunge.

(The couch color was not my choice. It is government issue, I’m afraid.)

Azawakh Family

Afouda and Tazoudi are 6 weeks old this week. It rained most of the past week in Harare and they have had to content themselves with mostly inside time — just visiting the very damp garden between showers. Today the sun has come out and they enjoyed a romp with their sire, Azelouan.

You may view this set of images as a slideshow on Flickr.

Still Cold Outside?

Indoor Wresting

Alone in Bed

Theodora and Afouda

Rainy Day Chew Stick

Hop on Pop

It has rained every day for the last week, morning and night in Harare. Today we enjoyed a break in the clouds and some sunshine for a handful of hours after lunch. Tawzalt’s puppies are now 5 1/2 weeks old. They are much more confident outside and more coordinated. They are working on their double-suspension gallop as well as digging in the dirt under bushes and tasting everything.

Azawakh Puppy Double-Suspension Gallop

Parental Guidance

Puppy Under Palm

Dominance Game

Afouda Does Not Want to be Weaned