Werner Roeder posted this video of Azawakh among the Tuareg and vassal tribes in Burkina Faso and Niger filmed during the 2000 ABIS expedition. 

The irish-marked brindle one is called Tazoudi wan n’Eezel.

The sable fawn one is called Afouda wan n’Eezel.

Tazoudi on a Perch

Afouda, 4 weeks

Tazoudi Sidebar

Afouda Exploring the Bedroom

Cassandra Snuggles Tazoudi

Nap Time

First Generation

Dam, Tawzalt Idiiyat-es-Sahel


Tawzalt and Brick Wall

Cassandra with Tawzalt

Second Generation

Paternal Grand Dam, WeWille Dari

Mommy daughter moment

Streak of Dari

Tommy Loves Dari

Maternal Grand Dam, Semteende Idiiyat-es-Sahel

Lounging Semteende


Third Generation

Great Grand Dam, Tomboktou’s Nahalet




Great Grand Dam, Isalen of Silverdale

This is the only photograph that I have of Isalen. I believe that Dari is one of these puppies. Dari was born in Mexico at the home of Ricardo Wille and is now living there again with Martha Willcox and John Gale.


Great Grand Dam, Imouyene Idiiyat-es-Sahel



Great Grand Dam, Showq Al-Ifriqiya


Showq movement


Bonus Fourth Generation: Out of Africa


Taytok is Tawzalt’s great-grandmother, twice. She was imported from directly from the Kel Dahoussahaq Touregs in Mali to Gabi Meissen in Germany. Tawzalt favors Taytok. They are both very beautiful and full of personality. Afouda today at nearly 3 weeks looks very much like Taytok puppy photos in Mali.



Taytok ferns


Taikoussou ag Intangoum

Taikoussou was imported directly from the Sahel. Ayad al Inachanan in Tin Akof, Burkina Faso, kept her brindled sister also called Taikoussou. Werner Roeder took Taikoussou ag Intangoum to Germany and placed her puppy Isalen of Silverdale with Ricardo Wille in Mexico. Taikoussou was very athletic and very beautiful but by some unfortunate most of her puppies were never bred. The only western Azawakh to continue her line are Azelouan’s siblings and offspring out of Qulood X Dari.

I really love the photograph of Taikoussou vaulting a stream. Her great-grandson Azelouan who sired Tawzalt’s December 2012 litter has a penchant for leaping streams as well.

Taikoussou ag intangoum

Taikoussou jump


Story Time

Nap Time

Azawakh Puppies @ 21 Days

December 29, 2012

Tawzalt’s puppies are 21 days old today and it is time for their first attempt at solid food. These two are really developing personalities. They are starting to have energy to explore and play a bit rather than just sleep and eat. Afouda tends to be the more vocal and adventurous of the pair. She is also hungrier. Tazoudi really enjoys snuggling with Tawzalt, her sister or even the stuffed toys Tawzalt has brought into the whelping box. Tazoudi is a a more cautious observer. Somehow, though Tazoudi explores less, she manages to discover more. She is the one who I find peeking out of the door in the whelping box.

Afouda, 21 Days

Afouda 21 Days

Afouda 21 Days

Tazoudi, 21 Days

Tazoudi 21 Days

Tazoudi Escape Attempt @21 Days

Afouda and Tazoudi, First Solid Food

This first meal is traditional African millet porridge with ground beef and cottage cheese. 

Azawakh Puppies 21 Days 1st Solid Food

1st Generation

Sire, Ettebel Azelouan

Azelouan Alert

Gallopin' down the trail


In Pursuit


2nd Generation

Paternal Grandsire, Tombouktou’s Qulood





Maternal Grandsire, Aslam Idiiyat-es-Sahel

Aslam stand

Aslam with Afelahlah in hole behind

Aslam bamboo


3rd Generation (Paternal)

Great Grandsire, Kusaylah Al-Ifriqiya

Kusaylah 4

Kusaylah 6

Kusaylah 8

Great Grandsire, We Wille Casar

We Wille Casar

3rd Generation (Maternal)

Great Grandsire, Kaisoon Al-Ifriqiya




Great Grandsire, Ailal Al-Ifriqiya

Ailal bamboo


Azawakh Puppy Naming Day

December 17, 2012

In the Sahel, there is a tradition of a naming day ceremony where the village comes together to celebrate a new life and the cild is given a name and welcomed into the community. Tawzalt’s puppies were one week old yesterday and we gave them names. In one week the puppies have nearly doubled in size. They spend a lot of time sleeping and eating but are also busy with their noses snuffling and exploring their whelping box. They are doing their utmost to try and seek out adventure in their little world.

Many thanks to Daoud for his help with Tamasheq Berber words for puppy naming.

This is Afouda

Afouda means strong or solid literally, camel. Afouda was the first born with a thirst for life.

Azawakh Puppy Afouda @ 1 Week

Azawakh Puppy Afouda @ 1 week

This is Tazoudi

Tazoudi means to be sweet. She has very pretty white markings against deep chestnut brindle.

Azawakh Puppy Tazoudi @ 1 week

Azawakh Puppy Tazoudi @ 1 week