Two Speeds

August 7, 2011


Too many mammals in my bed

I awakened with too many mammals in our bed. Cassandra was curled up with Azelouan and Tawzalt was apparently displaced so that she decided to flop down on my face which was a minor obstacle in the way of the pillow.


Tawzalt goes zoom

Tawzalt is having a game of chase with Zel in our garden in Ghana. She is careening around a stand of bamboo. Zel is faster than Tawzalt on a straightaway but when she is in the mood to run she is very fast and can turn in any direction in one stride. She can also keep going and going and going—I think because she is so light.

One Response to “Two Speeds”

  1. Daoud Says:

    salaam Brian…I am glad to see postings to your blog again…it was too quiet for too long…Daoudah

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