Myth: Azawakh will not Fetch

October 22, 2008

If you spend much time researching Azawakh temperament and behavior you are likely to read that they will not retrieve or “play fetch”. It’s not true. An Azawakh can learn to play the fetch game.

It is true that fetching is not an obsession with Azawakh like it is with many other “sporting” breeds. Azawakh have to learn that “fetch” is a fulfilling form of play and the dog has to be in the mood to play the game.

“Retrieve” is a natural behavior and a standard canid motor pattern. Wild canids “retrieve” game and bring it back to pups in the den, for example. Azawakh have this motor pattern, but it isn’t hypertrophied in the way that it is in modern gun dogs. The behavior is there but it is far from a compulsion. Azawakh can and will retrieve to hand. If the game is fun, the dog will play. It requires the right relationship between dog and handler.

Azawakh retrieving a tennis ball.

Azawakh retrieving a tennis ball.

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  1. can someone fetch me a brain?

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