Art from Paint

December 10, 2008

Paint is an extremely basic bitmap editor included in every version of Windows. Most people consider it to be worthless except, perhaps for trimming screen shot in a pinch.

In the hands of a talented artist it is powerful. This is just amazing to watch.

The Atheist Song

December 3, 2008

Lyrics by Don Davis

There are a lot of songs about religious holidays out there,
But not a single one about Atheism!
So I wrote a song for all those nice little atheist Kids, who don’t get to hear any atheist songs 
God help us, here we go:

Put away your faitheism, here comes atheism
Just because you’re secular, you shouldn’t have to risk your neckula
 Atheism is, the festival of Enlightenment,
 Unlike many religions, it doesn’t depend on crazy enfrightenment
So when you feel like the only kid in town, without a God-like idol,
Here’s a list of famous atheists, so you don’t feel sui-cidal:
 Ben Franklin and Thomas Edison, the Fathers of Invention,
 Also Sigmund Freud, who discovered anal retention
The Piano Man, Billy Joel, refused to join a sect
Now we know why Rodney Dangerfield, never got any respect
Angelina Jolie, astronomer Carl Sagan
Put them together– not a bad-looking pagan [Sagan was really agnostic]
You don’t need a bar- mitzvah, or even baptizm
Cause you can get blessed — by Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens
Put away your faitheism, here comes atheism
Tell your friends the atheists, come out of the closet like the gaytheists
Many people think, that Atheists are wusses,
Just tell it to Bruce Lee, though dead, he’ll still kick you in your pusses
OJ Simpson, not an atheist, not that we can tell
But even atheists pray, that Juice is goin’ straight to hell!
 Some folks also claim that atheism’s looney
 They point to all the heathens, arranged on the desk of Andy Rooney
So many Atheists, are in show biz or the arts
They simply don’t believe, that thunder represents God’s farts
Tell your friend Huckabee, don’t be a shmuckabee
I hope you don’t get pissed, cause I’m a secular humanist
So eat your Jesus-shaped toast
And worship your plastic Buddha
I’ll just pray to Bill Maher
Who I’ve carved out of Gouda
Have a happy, happy, happy, happy, ATHEISM!

From SatiricalPolitical.

Think Your Job is Tough?

December 2, 2008

Be glad you aren’t a brick porter in Bangladesh.

Escape Artist

November 22, 2008

You just have to root for this little guy. He’s smart and determined to be free.

This video is from the PBS series, Nature. The clip is from part II of the two-part episode, “Dogs that Changed the World”. It shows desert bred saluki being coursed by Bedou in Jordan. There’s also a cool computer-generated sequence of the dog running with it’s skin off so it is a running skeleton.

Click to watch video

Click to watch video

Freaky Tropical Parisites

November 6, 2008

The Sahel can be a very harsh place for animals. Living there, I came to really appreciate the power of a little hard frost from time-to-time. In addition to familiar parasites like roundworms, tapeworms and heartworms there are other-worldly parasites that can give you nightmares.

In particular, I’m thinking of “tumbu” worm. This thing is actually not a worm at all but rather a general term for bot fly. These flies lay their eggs on an animal (or clothes) and the maggot burrows into the skin where it takes up residence until it matures into an adult fly which crawls out of the skin. Ugh.

Botfly are common all along the Niger, Gambia and Senegal river basins, particularly after the rains come. Most sheep, goats, cattle, dogs and even people have these maggots crawling in their skins.

It turns out that Ivermectin, which is marketed as Heartguard, is totally effective against botfly. If you are living in an area where botfly is endemic, regular doses of Ivermectin will prevent your dog from being infected.  In part because we were careful where we hung our laundry and also because we gave our dog Ivermectin (labelled for cattle), I never had to extract any maggots from anyone in my household.

I have extracted the damn things from dogs and people, though. It’s enough to give you nightmares.

Think Aliens.

The video below was shot in Costa Rica, but the horror is the same.