Tawzalt is in season and is at her peak of receptivity. It is tough for Zel to remain chaste and they are both wound a little tight. We took took the girls for a picnic and to get some new clothes for fall and brought Zel along and left Tawzalt to rest at home.

Zel was very happy to get some time out in the country side.

Get your girls the puppy they deserve and that you promised them.

A friend commented today that Mr. Obama should not feel compelled to get a shelter dog. I couldn’t agree more. Mr. Obama should not feel compelled to get a dog from a shelter. He should get the dog that is right for his family.

The primary criterion for the Obama household is that the Malia Obama is allergic to dog dander. They need a hypoallergenic dog. That list is fairly rarified1:

  • Poodle
  • Wheaton Terrier
  • Schnauzer
  • Portugese Water Dog
  • Bichon Frise
  • Mexican Hairless (Xoloitzcuintli)
  • A few miniature breeds

The thing is that all of these are purebred. Why isn’t that OK? Mr. Obama noted that most shelter dogs “tend to be muts. Like me.” The problem is that it is harder to be sure that the dog will be hypoallergenic.

The AKC ran a poll this summer which concluded that the Obama’s should get a poodle. A standard poodle is a great dog. If that is too French or something, then I suggest a Portuguese Water Dog. I generally think a medium to large dog is best with kids because they are both energetic and durable enough to be a lot of fun and a great companion.

While it is is possible to get a great dog from a shelter it is more likely to get a dog that has some emotional and/or health problems. Is that the best thing for children to experience as their first dog?

Futhermore, I watched Mr. Obama give a very moving victory speech November 4th. He promised those kids a puppy. A puppy is not the same as an adult shelter dog. There is a special magic to raising a puppy. The Obama girls are in for a whirlwind of craziness. They deserve to have the special joy of raising a puppy as a part of their childhood.

Mr. Obama, don’t let the Animal Rights lobby take that away from your girls. Give them the puppy you promised.

1This list is not comprehensive.

Attempted Family Portrait

October 17, 2008

We had high hopes that my mother-in-law could snap a portrait of our whole family. Christie thought she could do it complete with dogs. It was not to be. Cassandra decided to practice for a future career of leading protests in mass civil disobedience. It kind of went down hill from there. Maxine did manage to get one shot of me and Theodora together. I’m not looking into the camera. Instead, I’m watching Cassandra and hoping she doesn’t fall off of the stone wall.
1/3 of a family portrait.

1/3 of a family portrait.

In hindsight it should be obvious that the probability of cooperation is inversely proportional to the sum of the participants. When multiple children and dogs are involved the chances of cooperation collapse to the infinitesimal. It’s so much easier to just photograph the mammals one at a time.
Just Theodora on a hammock.

Just Theodora on a hammock.

See what I mean?