Azawakh Litter Planned for December 2012

October 9, 2012

We are breeding Tawzalt Idiiyat-es-Sahel (Aslam Idiiyat-es-Sahel X Semteende Idiiyat-es-Sahel) by Ettebel Azelouan(Multi. CH Tombouktou’s Qulood X WeWille Dari). Both dogs have FCI pedigrees and the litter will be registered with the FCI. Both brindled and solid fawn colors are genetically possible. We are expecting puppies in mid-December 2012. Azawakh is a rare African breed of sighthound developed by the Toureg Berbers of the Sahel. Native to Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger, Azawakh are most closely related to the Sloughi or Berber Greyhound of the North African Maghreb. In fact, Azawakh were originally considered a sub-group of Sloughi called the Toureg Sloughi. Although Azawakh are similar in build and proportion to the Arabian Saluqi, they are not closely related. The name Azawakh comes from the Azawakh valley in Mali where Gao and Lara, the first specimens collected by a European, came from. The proper name in Tamasheq Berber is idi or, in Hausa, oska.

Tawzalt with Christie

Pretty Tawzalt

Azawakh are fairly unique in the sighthound because they are traditionally dual-use. They are used like a saluqi for coursing game but also in a role similar to a collie for protecting livestock, camel trains, campsites and villages. Like many Sahel animal breeds, they have an austere, statuesque beauty but they are also loyal and loving companions. Despite appearances, they are rugged, hearty and very healthy. They travel well and recover quickly from injuries.

Azelouan leaping a stream

No Obstacle

The original Yugoslav line of Azawakh in Europe was founded by  Gao, Lara and Darkoye Sidi imported to Europe by Yugoslav diploat Dr. Pecar in the 1970’s. Later in the 1970’s, a small group of French diplomats imported a foundation lineage and established the French line in Europe. In the late 1980’s Gervais Coppe began importing Azawakh to France from Mali. In the 1990’s a group of primarily Germans led by Dr. Werner Roeder called ABIS (Association Burkinabe Idi du Sahel) organized a series of expeditions to collect dogs and also created a millet bank to help ensure that the Touareg, Hausa and Fulani who own the desert-bred, foundation Azawakh population are able to thrive. Azelouan and Tawzalt come largely from the breeding programs of David Moore of Georgia, USA, and Dr. Gabriel Meissen and Dr. Werner Roeder of Germany. They are each over 50% from new African imports via Gervais Coppe and ABIS.



Tawzalt with our girls

One typical breed trait is a desire to cuddle up with each other or people. Azawakh are extremely heat tolerant and have very fine coats and thin, vascularized skin. They are sensitive to cold and will seek each other out for warmth and companionship. They will also groom each other like cats. I think this serves a dual function of pack social bonding and also practical survival in a desert environment where temperatures soar and crash daily. They are very affectionate with their human pack as well.

Tawzalt cuddled on top of Azelouan

Tawzalt curled up on top of Azelouan

Please email inquiries to brian dot reiter at gmail dot com. We are currently living in Harare, Zimbabwe. Placement in SADC is simplest but we do have flight service by KLM and placement to Europe, USA, Australia, etc. is feasible.

2 Responses to “Azawakh Litter Planned for December 2012”

  1. the greatest news@! al hamdullilah

  2. Mimi Drake Says:

    Congratulations, good news. Just want to give you a heads up about the KLM Pet Hotel in Amsterdam, supposedly a 5 star pet hotel heavily promoted by several pet service agencies and of course by KLM. I have direct knowledge of 3 puppies that overnighted there and were forced handled by their personnel, resulting in some psychological issues which took some untangling. Force handled, even though the carriers were clearly labelled DO NOT HANDLE DO NOT OPEN (Except For Medical Emergency). Email me privately for details.

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