Azawakh Puppies

September 13, 2010

Tawzalt and Azelouan Stroll

Tawzalt Idiiyat-es-Sahel (Aslam Idiiyat-es-Sahel X Semteende Idiiyat-es-Sahel) was bred by Ettebel Azelouan (Multi. CH Tombouktou’s Qulood X WeWille Dari) on August 22. The due date for puppies is approximately October 24, 2010. Both dogs have FCI pedigrees and the litter will be registered with the FCI. Both brindled and solid fawn colors are genetically possible.

Please email inquiries about puppy placement to brian dot reiter at gmail dot com.




2 Responses to “Azawakh Puppies”

  1. daoud Says:

    Congratulations! I hope they will have nice healthy puppies, Insh’Allah…

    Best wa ma asalaamou, Daoud

  2. neil stephens Says:


    i am looking for a male unaltered azawakh dog or pup dont matter, i would be greateful if you could help me in this matter


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