Lease is signed

May 18, 2010

So we have signed the lease and it is a done deal that we have a house. We will be moving in on June 1. There is much to do in the mean time.

The house is somewhat stripped. The hot water heaters and air conditioners have mostly been stolen. The toilets are beyond all hope of cleaning. One of the door frames has been eaten by termites. There is a leak in the roof over the kitchen and the kitchen cabinets are infested with a thick white mold that will never come out. Two of the three copper wires that connect the house to the electric grid have been stolen. Etc, etc.

By force of will, we arranged for the electricity to be re-connected this afternoon. We have a carpenter building a whole new kitchen, a large book shelf and built-in wardrobes in the closets.

Kitchen Plans

Making life interesting, the monsoon rains have started. On any given day, there might be torrential downpours. After the rain stops there are frogs and birds everywhere feasting on the bugs that come out. There are also giant snails which leave their daytime hiding places.

West African Giant Snail

One Response to “Lease is signed”

  1. Barb Says:

    The house looks great despite the repairs that are needed. Having a HUGE yard with 10 ft. walls is a HUGE plus 🙂

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