Fat-Free Buttermilk

January 8, 2009

I accidentally purchased a half gallon of organic, grass-fed, fat-free buttermilk. Who came up with this idea? The fat-free part, I mean.

Isn’t the point of buttermilk the butter fat? 

What I have is basically a bottle of sour whey. It is skim milk somewhat slimily thickened with lactobacillus culture. This skim buttermilk is seriously unappetizing stuff. It is also extraordinarily sour.

I tried making corn muffins with it last night. I even tried to compensate for the lack of butter fat in the milk by adding a little extra melted butter to the batter. My daughters turned their noses up at these muffins. They pronounced them not really good. Too sour.

Oh well. The dogs were very happy to get it on their millet.

2 Responses to “Fat-Free Buttermilk”

  1. Marcus Hooker Says:

    I had a similar incident recently. I bought, by accident, fat free half and half. I didn’t really read the label, but it was the cheapest type. When we got home I saw it was fat free, and I thought how can that be. It’s supposed to be half cream half milk, how can you make that fat free. The ingredients are skim milk, high fructose corn syrup, and then a long list of chemical additives. How ridiculous!

  2. Brian Reiter Says:

    Whereas, I would just buy heavy cream. Half and half! Pfhthth. That’s like buying skim cream.

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