Great Service

December 12, 2008

I just had a great service experience from Erin Campbell at Hound Togs. It’s getting cold here and I needed a coat for Tawzalt. She is still only 7 months, so I wanted to get a coat that is sized just big enough that she can grow into it but without being enormous.

I used the tools on the Hound Togs website to describe Tawzalt so that they could size the coat for her. Shortly thereafter I got both a call and email from Erin. She had decided that none of the prêt-à-porter sizes were quite right. She offered to customize a large whippet coat to fit Tawzalt at no additional charge.

This was above and beyond service. It was great dealing with her. The coat arrived today and it fits a  bit loose with some room to grow, just like I asked.

Tawzalt in her coat

Tawzalt playing in her new coat.

Its still cold out here, stupid.

It's still cold out here, stupid.

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