Nigerian Hyena Men

December 6, 2008

When my friend Franc first told me about the Nigerian Hyena Men, I thought he was just making fun of me for bringing back a bush dog from Africa, but he was serious. These guys capture Hyena cubs and train them.

I imagine the temperament could be a little sharp.




Photos are all © 2007 Peter Hugo.

3 Responses to “Nigerian Hyena Men”

  1. Marcus Hooker Says:

    I’ve heard of a Hyena man in Ethiopia. He doesn’t train the pups, he just feeds them. It’s interesting the relationship with people and Hyena. I wonder how many other places use similar relationships.

  2. Esther Garvi Says:

    When I last saw the Hyena man here in Niger, he didn’t take his hyena out of the cage, but carried it through the village creating a buzz. I wasn’t there for the show the following day, but I’m not so much of an animal-show person…

    Stumbled upon your blog looking for Azawakh posts. Greetings from Niger!


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