Wayne Pacelle of HSUS on DC Radio Show

November 26, 2008

Wayne Pacelle was on the Kojo Nambe show, a local DC politics radio show on WAMU, our local public radio station. Mr. Pucelle is extremely careful to try to sound reasonable. He’s trying to back away from the label of “animal rights” in favor of “animal protection” or “animal welfare” because he claims to not believein natural rights at all. He says his goal is to build the HSUS to be a “formidable political player” along the model of the NRA. He talks about puppy mills and defines them to contain thousands of animals, but I know the reality is that the HSUS is promoting onerous rules to discourage breeding dogs in homes.

Pucelle claims that a shelter is the best place to procure a dog. The best place to procure a dog is not at a shelter. The best place is from a caring breeder.

One thing Pucelle said was correct: “A lot of people view animals as property. They haven’t kind of crossed the threshold of recognizing them as living, breathing, fealing creatures.”

That’s right. Domestic animals are property and the right to own property is protected by the US Constitution. My dogs are living breathing creatures that belong to me. I don’t want that to change to animals being wards of the State or the HSUS.

He talks about fringe activites as rationales for stripping the rights from eveyone else. One of the callers accused him of dissembling in order to get the camel’s nose under the tent and he evaded the question. I found the interview chilling.

I’m dissapointed in Kojo for hosting this softball interview which amounted to a fundraiser for the HSUS.

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