“Buy One Get One Killed”

November 26, 2008

PETA ran an appalling ad campaign Dog Fancy magazine. They put an ad offering a free gift bag to purchasers of purebred puppies. When you call the 1-800 number you discover it is actually a body bag for the “dog you killed” by purchasing a purebred puppy instead of a shelter dog. They have also produced companion videos.

This is the most unethical and mean-spirited propaganda campaign I have ever heard of outside of a George Orwell novel.

Click to Watch Video

Click to Watch Video


Perhaps the best place to start is the hypocrisy. According to their own records PETA kills over 90% of the animals placed in their care, close to 20,000 dogs in a 10-year period.

Where’s the moral equivalence? I’m not responsible for the action of others.

A dog which has been abandoned to a shelter for some reason (perhaps there is something wrong with it?) is not equivalent to a puppy hand-raised by a knowledgeable and dedicated breeder.

The Big Lie

PETA and HSUS have huge budgets in the hundreds of millions of dollars that they receive in donations from animal lovers. Rather than use that money to attempt to reform shelters, they go on killing dogs and cats. Then they produce propaganda campaigns blaming the killing that they themselves endorse and participate in on purebred dog/cat owners and breeders. What they really want to do is just eliminate all of the dogs and cats by eliminating the breeders. That’s the big lie.

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